Need an Escrow Holdback for Home Repairs-Texas

Need an Escrow Holdback for Home Repairs-Texas

By Leesa Sandoval | Escrow Holdback

Jan 03

Need an Escrow Holdback for Home Repairs in Texas

Are you trying to buy  a property that is in need of minor repairs and you have a seller unwilling to make those repairs?  Would you like a program that allows you to not to have to come out of pocket with the funds for the repairs?  Well if so I have a solution for you – our Escrow Holdback Program.

Unlike our FHA 203k products or our purchase plus loan this program is designed for minor, singular items such as A/C work, minor electrical work, and even foundation repair.  As a rule of thumb this program is limited to $5,000.00 in financed repairs but an exception may be made in some cases to exceed the $5,000.00 limit. The home must appraise high enough to roll in the cost of the work being done.  Similar to our FHA 203k rehab loan the appraisal is done subject to the repairs being completed.  The appraiser does have to note in the appraisal that the work needs to be done in order to meet minimum property standards.

The repair escrow will be called for in the sales contract and the work will be performed after closing.  The final inspection will come from the appraiser.  Because the repairs are singular and under $5000.00 the buyer will typically have a very short window of 3-5 business days for the contractor to complete the work.

Need more extensive repairs or structureal work, such as foundation repair?  No problem…the FHA 203k full program or the Fannie Mae HomeStyle loan is your answer.  It’s good to know there is an FHA and Conventional loan program available, especially for those looking to avoide mortgage insurance.  Conventional loans wiht 20% down or with 20% equity don’t require mortgage insurnace.  In the event you can’t put this much down or don’t have this much equity the mortgage insurance is much less than that of FHA.

Now it’s important to keep in mind FHA is great, especially for those with limited credit or higher debt ratio.  In any event, remember that picking a lender with options is key.  We will put you into the loan that best fits your needs and your current situation.  We can also work with you for the long haul to help with any future refinances or purchases!

For more information on this program or if you want to see if the property you are interested in will qualify for this program please give me a call.

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