Texas Cottage from 1930’s Renovated with the FHA 203k Loan

Texas Cottage from 1930’s Renovated with the FHA 203k Loan

By Leesa Sandoval | 203K Full

Jun 17

Check out what an FHA 203k loan can do for you in McKinney, Texas!

Our amazing client did such a great job with her 203k renovation project that she was written up in County Living Magazine and it is on stands now.

Twelve years ago, while antiquing in downtown McKinney, Texas (population: 156,000), Cindy Williams made a left when she should have taken a right.

That led her to a street just off the historic town square and her best antiquing score to date: a charming, 1,200-square-foot cottage built in the 1930s.

She relocated from nearby Dallas, moved in, and adjusted to small(er)-town life. The home improvement urge surfaced in 2012.

I challenged myself to a kitchen remodel,” Cindy says, “and I did it on my own in 14 days.”

Cindy Williams 

That inspired additional projects to make the space more practical while adding vintage character. “When you’re living in a house while you’re renovating, you really understand its strengths and shortcomings,” she says. In her downtime, she hunted for just the right pieces at local antiques stores and the Round Top Antiques Fair, which she attends, without fail, twice a year.


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So how did the transformation happen ? Cindy reached out to me when she wanted to take her existing home in the historic district in downtown McKinney and give it an update and add some square footage. We were able to refinance the existing loan and roll in the cost of the renovations using the FHA 203k loan.

Cindy says she couldn’t be happier with the results. “I call it my Continental American farmhouse.”

The FHA 203k loan is such a great product for clients who are already in the home they love. With today’s low interest rates in most cases clients are able to refinance to a lower interest rate, roll in the renovations and have one loan with a great low rate. All work is completed after the closing and the contractor is chosen by the homeowner.

This Charming 1930s Texas Cottage Is Packed with Vintage Character | 203krehabnow.com

See entire article http://www.countryliving.com/home-design/house-tours/g3485/texas-cottage-design-ideas/

Check out all of the great pictures of Cindy’s project and call me today if you are interested in buying a house and renovating or if you are already in the home and want to make it feel new with either a little or allot of renovations.

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