Remodeling? Relocating? In Need of A Change with Options?

Remodeling? Relocating? In Need of A Change with Options?

By Leesa Sandoval | Mortgage Programs

Feb 22

Remodeling Your Home? Relocating? In Need of A Change and Other Options?

If you are renovating your current home, purchasing a new home but need more space, or just need to see some change, we like to offer options with the understanding that not everyone is going to fit in the same box. Having the ability to offer a wide array of products as well as the ability to lend across the United States should make us your lender of choice!

These days almost everything is under one roof.  When is the last time you went to a grocery store that didn’t also contain a bank and possibly a coffee shop?  It’s nice to get everything taken care of at one.  That’s the approach we take with regards to Renovation LendingOption, options, options…You betcha, if the program is available, we offer it!

You don’t want to be the circle that a loan officer is trying to fit into their square peg because that is all they have to offer!!  The reason we offer so many different Renovation Lending options are because there are many different clients in the market place.  We will work with you to fit you into the one that works best to your specific need – not fit you into the only one we have to offer.


What Options Are Available?

Thinking about adding a pool? If you are working with a lender that only offers the FHA 203k loan, a pool is not a option.  It is however with the FannieMae HomeStyle Renovation loan.

Needing more than $35,000 in renovation?  We have a couple of options…the FHA 203k full and the FannieMae HomeStyle.

Only doing $35,000 or less in renovation and the property is being sold by FannieMae then the HomePath Renovation loan is the ticket.

You might start out thinking you want the FHA 203k streamline but then decide you would really like to add more upgrades and you go over the $35,000 cap…it sure would be a shame to have to change lenders at this point!!  Working with a lender who offers options means we can easily transition you over to another loan product such as the full FHA 203k loan which easily gives you the ability to finance more.  Call me today and let’s discuss your options.  Just as the saying goes…one size doesn’t always fit all!

Repairs don’t scare me and they shouldn’t scare you eitherCall me today.

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