Do's and Don'ts After Closing of Your FHA 203k Loan - Texas

Do’s and Don’ts After Closing of Your FHA 203k Loan – Texas

By Leesa Sandoval | 203K Full

Dec 12

Do’s and Don’ts After Closing of Your FHA 203k Loan in Texas…

Below are a few key points to keep in mind now that the construction piece of your FHA 203k loan in Texas has begun.  We realize a lot of information has been presented to you so now we will highlight some of the key things to remember.

Do begin work after 3 business days of closing and funding.

Do bring to the attention of your loan officer any delays, setbacks, unforeseen obstacles, etc.

Do remember this loan has a firm completion date and the penalty of missing this date is high.

Do contact your 203k Consultant to schedule draws for your contractor, inspections, exception requests, and to talk about how to use your contingency money at the end of the project.

Do encourage your contractor to request the first draw quickly (the first draw must occur within 30 days of funding).

Don’t take it upon yourself to change the bid or the scope of the work without speaking to your 203k Consultant first.

Don’t make plans for your contingency money without first speaking with your 203k Consultant.

Don’t ask your contract to perform any additional work outside the scope of the bid while we are still actively working the project secured by the loan.

Don’t ignore any “issues” your contractor brings up while on the job site – you are the eyes and ears on site and if you think it’s important we need to know about it.

Don’t pay for anything yourself with the expectation of receiving a reimbursement from a draw – your contractor is responsible for all materials, labor, etc.

Don’t perform any work yourself while we are still on the project or hire an outside crew while we are still on the project.

Remember that nothing is final until all parties have signed.  I don’t say that to place a negative spin on anything but caution should be used until a funding number has been issued and all parties have closed on the transaction.  There is nothing worse than finding out at the closing table that a new debt you incured no longer qualifies you for the loan or that your funds aren’t coming from the source that we verified.

The best thing to do is ask questions…if you are unsure if an action you need to take will cause an issue then just call and ask.  Trust me, as your lender, we don’t want anything to cause you issues at the closing table.

For more information about this great loan program or to apply please give me a call today.  My team and I are here to help you from start to finish to ensure a smooth transaction  and help you avoid all of the do’s and don’ts of the fha 203k loan in Texas!

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